We help humans partner with machines.

No matter the difficulty, Ravn systems will enable you to complete your mission safely and effectively.

In today’s hazardous environments, where risk of injury or death is high, humans are partnering with intelligent machines and sending them into the danger areas. This presents new challenges: How do humans interact with these machines in environments where typical interfaces are impractical? And, as the number of these systems increases, how do groups of humans dynamically control groups of machines?

At Ravn, we’re solving these problems by building wearable systems and software that connects distributed and dynamic groups of humans and machines. We’re at the cutting-edge intersection of advanced eyewear, human-machine interaction, and distributed computing.

All over the world, from the battlefield to disaster areas, humans and machines must work together to save lives. It’s our mission to make that possible.


Our Product

Odin, Ravn’s first product, enables service members to safely and effectively partner with machines during their operations. With Odin’s tactical head-worn display and rail-mounted controller, operators can use the system while maintaining head-up awareness and an at-the-ready posture. Odin’s software platform provides the connective layer that makes all these devices accessible from one device, an intelligent information routing system that ensures operators receive only the information they need, and an intuitive user interface designed to minimize distractions. Odin allows service members to maximize the utility of the systems they operate with, pushing Human-Machine Teaming to a new level.

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Our Team

Ravn has set an ambitious goal, one that puts us at the forefront of innovation along multiple vectors. It’s only possible because our team combines world class technical expertise with decades of operator experience. 

We want to build great products that have big impacts, and we’re looking for unique individuals that can add to our expertise and diverse perspectives. If you think you’d be a good fit, we’d love to hear from you.

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