Our Values

At Ravn our values underlie every decision we make. They serve as our foundation and provide a north star during times of uncertainty.

Ego Check

Service to others is fundamental to being an effective team member. Checking our egos at the door aligns our motivations with that of our team and ensures we’re able to explore all possible avenues and outcomes outside of the self.


Integrity & Accountibility

Integrity means we are always open, honest, ethical, and genuine. Without exception, we do the right thing. This starts at the top – our leaders hold themselves accountable to communicate effectively, accurately assess capabilities, manage timelines, and recognize constraints. As a result, we deliver our best in all we do and hold ourselves accountable for results.

Respect for the Individual

We hire people for who they are, so we want them to show up with authenticity. We believe in creating an environment that fosters trust and psychological safety. This allows us to leverage collective genius which requires diverse perspectives and healthy debate. We support each individual’s desire to learn and grow and we recognize failure as part of that process. We hold empathy for our teammates, customers, and the community as paramount to our success.

Seek the Truth

Objective truth exists for all things and it’s our job to find it. We anchor the truth in facts, data, and a healthy dose of intuition and experience, not reputation, pedigree, or ego. Every decision we make ripples through our product, team, company, customer, market and community. We make these decisions with this larger context in mind. This is instrumental in staying true to our values.

Team Resilience

Building and supporting a solid team is at the heart of our company. We succeed or fail as a team, not as individuals. We are willing to sacrifice to support the team. We know, if the need arises, the team will sacrifice to support us. Through these actions, we earn each other’s loyalty every day.

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