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Jake served 8 years as a Navy SEAL. During that time he deployed 4 times to Iraq and Afghanistan where his team primarily focused on counter-insurgency operations. Following his time in the SEALs, Jake earned his Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Columbia University. While there he conducted research on novel user-interaction techniques for augmented reality for soldiers in Professor Steve Feiner's Computer Graphics and User Interfaces lab. Ravn was born from his experience.

Jake Bullock

Founder & CEO
Karl Guttag has 41 years of experience in the areas of display devices and systems including Heads Up Displays (HUD) and Near-Eye Display (AR and VR), Graphics and Image Processors, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), memory architecture (Graphics DRAM and SDRAM), CPU architecture, and consumer video devices. He is well known for his influential blog KGOnTech ( which covers AR headsets, pico-projection displays and optics. Karl has acted as a technical consultant on display systems and worked as a technical expert on patent litigation. He has been CTO of 3 startups including Navdy, Syndiant and Silicon Display. Karl began his career at Texas Instruments and became the youngest TI Fellow in the history of the company. He is a named inventor on 150 issued U.S. Patents. Billions of dollars of revenue have been attributed to products using these inventions.

Karl Guttag

Chief Science Officer
Paul has over 15 years of experience in product design and engineering in various industries including medical, industrial, government, and consumer electronics. Using his product design expertise he has worked with companies to help bring over 30 products from concept to volume production. Paul has designed products for multiple government entities including the Department of Energy and the CIA. He received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and minor in Materials Science in 2003 from Kettering University in Flint, MI. He is an avid tinkerer, has a passion for electronics and engineering, and enjoys amateur radio.

Paul Michalczuk

Vice President of Hardware
Kyle has more than 25 years of commercial software development experience working in a variety of industries ranging from government systems to start-up robotics. Kyle has significant experience with UI design, 3D graphics, network architecture and infrastructure, artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms. He is also well versed in electronics and embedded systems. Kyle has been an independent film maker for over 15 years, enjoys art and illustration, R/C helicopters, airplanes and just about anything related to electronics.

Kyle Mallory

Vice President of Software
Zack has been a self taught engineer since middle school, learning C++ at age 12, Android development at age 16 and quickly entering the job market thereafter. Working with cryptography, IoT, VoiP, and experimental user interfaces made for a natural transition into working with Ravn.

Zack Matthews

Software Engineer
Oliver has been designing product user interfaces (UIs) for nearly 30 years and has worked on 25+ mobile, web, software and embedded products in consumer electronics, communications, navigation and automotive arenas. His passion is design for physical products where a tight integration of physical and virtual UI, and a deep understanding of the end user is essential for a successful user experience. Prior to joining Ravn, he designed the driver UI for platooning semi-trucks at Peloton Technology. He has also held positions at IDEO, Yahoo, Navdy and has operated his own design firm for 10 years serving clients like Sonos, Logitech, Dreamworks, HP and Plantronics.

Oliver Bayley

Vice President of UX Design
Sam Weiss is a mechanical and aerospace engineer with 7 years of design and fabrication experience. He has spent a large portion of his career in the UAV/drone industry and has designed , fabricated, flight tested and manufactured a variety of fixed wing, multi-rotor and VTOL aircraft. Sam has spent the last 3 years designing dense electronics enclosures for consumer drones, drone payloads, and military projects.

Sam Weiss

Mechanical Engineer
Marius is an embedded software engineer with 35 years of experience in the development of devices and solutions for the Military, Medical, Casino Gaming, Hospitality and Telecom industries, amongst others. He is an expert in system software development and research, Linux kernel customization, Linux device driver design, Linux BSP (Board Support Package) design, micro-controller software development and hardware interfacing.

Marius Caldas

Senior Software Engineer

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